September 16, 2009

Yahoo! Finance Goes iPhone App

Yahoo! Finance has long been my favorite website to check in on the stock market. I've been using this site for the past 10 years as I am very familiar with its ins and outs. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a prompt this evening indicating a new iPhone app for free. Already, the iPhone default stock quote app is powered by Yahoo. I've always felt it was a bit lite despite the recent updates of offering news and other data; as a work around I've been hitting up Yahoo's Mobile sites to get my finance news needs.

This iPhone app is pretty cool; Yahoo has done a great job providing all the top features to the small screen. The application is essentially broken down by four tabs which covers its major functions: Market News, Quotes, Research Tools and Tech Tickers (multimedia news). I wish the app has a sign-in feature which would download my desktop preference to the small screen (ie. the stocks I am following, etc...). All together, this is a pretty cool little utility app that I'll be using frequently.

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