October 23, 2009

Android Android Android

Google's Android OS for smartphones is finally getting ready for a full blast. You can now consider T-Mobile's G1 and MyTouch3G as a soft launch pad as Verizon's involvement and some heavy hitting manufactures are lining up with some big hits to come: (lots of links, you've been warned!)

Verizon: Incase you've been hiding in a cave somewhere, the whole "Droid" campaign is really a whole series of Android phones that is about to arrive. You've got atleast two phones in the "Droid" series Sholes by Motorola and Eris (aka HTC Desire) coming very soon. Lets not forget Sprint has got a set or two running Android while old T-Mobile will be up to its third Android handset (G1, MyTouch3G and Pulse) and a limited edition MyTouch3G Fender edition w/ 3.5mm headphone jack!

Motorola's entire survival strategy is pegged against mobile. You've got: Sholes, Zeppelin, Cliq, Motus?, Calgary, and Morrison.

HTC is of course no slouch with its smartphone efforts, already with G1, Hero, Tattoo, Hero (Sprint version) and MyTouch3G out and about, they've got Eris, Desire, Dragon, Pulse and probably a whole lot more coming your way.

Samsung is not going to hold back either, with i7500/Galaxy, Behold II, and Moment added to its lineup.

Asus will launch an Android phone before the year is over while Sony's rumored Xperia X3 will also be running Android. Acer decides to join the Android party with Liquid.

Remember that old prediction I've made about Google Android to dominate mobile space, looks like its happening right before us!

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