October 22, 2009

ifrogz Premium Headphones w/ Mic, Affordable too!

I've said it before that there ought to be more manufacturers to produce stereo headphones with built-in mic. With iPhone sales taking off and lots of other smartphones starting to support this trend there this demand is becoming more serious. Now that iPod Touch has a few VOIP solutions, I'd say this is a must.

Up until today, I can only think of a few choices: 1). Apple OEM headphones [no thanks], 2). Apple Premium headphones [mixed reviews], 3). V-Moda series [we like it] and 4). Griffin TuneBuds Mobile [excellent value]. That is until I received a communication from ifrogz about 3 of their headphones ranging from $19 to $49 and they all have built-in mic. What a concept!

I'll see if I can get some reviews in for you on these, so stay tuned! For now, you can check 'em out your self here:

ifrogz Plugz ($19.99)
ifrogz Reflex ($29.99)
ifrogz Timbre ($49.99)

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