October 28, 2009

Mobile Marketing Showcase: Sprint-bCODE-Screenvision

If you live nearby a Screenvision theater and happen to be a Sprint customer, here is a little something to brighten up your day. Simply text "Sprint" to 22633 (or bCODE), you'll receive a discount text message that can be redeemed at one of the kiosks in the theater for various promotions (upgrades to popcorn for example).

Whats kind of interesting here is the appliance produced by bCODE known as MediaPlane 220 (video demo here). It acts as the translation medium to scan a digital coupon (via SMS) into a paper coupon for redemption. In this partnership, Sprint is providing a value-added service to its customer base while mutually benefiting Screenvision theaters as well as pushing the mobile marketing envelope with bCODE all at the same time. If you run a marketing service for a large retail company with multiple locations, this is something worthy of consideration.

At time of writing, there should be 500 Screenvision theaters fitted with this service (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Houston and Dallas). This number should reach to 900 by 2010.

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