October 28, 2009

Sony Aino, Unlocked, PS3 Connected and Kinda Cool!

Sony Aino is released into the wild today, unlocked at Sonystyle.com for a cool $600. If you study its slick Flash-based user-interface, you'd probably think it looks very familiar to your PS3; that is because this little multimedia powerhouse is intended to stream content right off of your PS3's remote play function and to my understanding it will do so via WiFi and 3G data.

I dare say that this phone is not powered by Windows Mobile and if I have to guess, I'd say its running on some iteration of Symbian OS (much similar to the Nokia N series, possibly 5th edition). It is packed with a meager 55MB internal memory but does include an 8GB microSDHC to compensate that department. Where it more than makes up for is the massive 8MP camera that also supports 30fps video recording over a gorgeous 3" 240x432 touchscreen LCD screen. If that is not enough, this little slider powerhouse has a real keyboard (non-QWERTY) and comes with WiFi, 3G HSDPA, AGPS and FM radio w/ RDS support. The only part that concerns me is the anemic 1000mAh battery which makes me question how long will it support all the hardcore actions this phone will experience (full spec from GSM Arena).

This phone looks pretty amazing from my standpoint, I'll try to arrange a demo to see if it really lives up to its gorgeous image, stay tuned!


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