November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Cheers and greetings from New England, I hope everyone has enjoyed over stuffing their faces in with massive amount of turkey and gravy and is well rested for a full day of Black Friday gadget madness. This year, I feel like marketers are really waiting to the N-th hour to roll out the amazing deals and when the deals are announced, it feels like they are poured in massive volume.

Here is my strategy for this years Black Friday madness, try to stay focused! Focus on what you really need for your gadget lust and not get pursusaded into buying something you don't actually need. Don't settle for something just because its kind of a deal. Make sure the deal aligns with what you truly desire. As far as keeping track of the deals throughout the day, I rely on Google Reader and setup a dedicated deals sites (via RSS feed) and access it via my smartphone throughout the day; its more handy if you have WiFi setup throughout your house. In general, I will avoid going to the brick and mortar stores and stick to online deals. I, of course, keep a close eye on my favorite online retailer Amazon since they have the best combination between price and free shipping (after $25).

Lets get to this years noteworthy Gadget Deals:

* Maglite 2D and 3D LED Flashlights $15 was $24-25 (now expired)
* Metal Gear Solid 4 - $15 (now expired, back to $28)
* Garmin nuvi 285T w/ MSN Direct and Traffic - $129
* TOMTOM ONE 125SE - $59 from Walmart
* Lots of Blu Ray Movies on Sale (between $7 - $14), I picked up the Gladiator for $10
* New PS3 Slim w/ Infamous and Kill Zone 2 for $299 w/ $10 credit
* $121 Bonus from ING Direct with a new checking account (You'll get it 50 days later)

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