November 25, 2009

Review: ifrogz Luxe Original Case for iPhone 3G

If there one thing in common amongst iPhone owners, that is probably their obsessive needs to protect their beloved iPhones. And one of the most popular case design you'll see at your local coffee house is probably the ifrogz Luxe original series cases (MSRP $29). I have finally got my hands around one of these and started to carry it with me on my 16GB iPhone 3G for the past few days.

From the first glance, this iPhone case design is pretty good looking. The color contrast between the top and bottom is vivid (kinda like anodized aluminum) which will get proper attention. Whats interesting is the finish (although appears metallic) it actually feels like it has a thin layer of rubberized coating which provides the needed traction to stay put in your pocket. (Cases with pure plastic finish tend to slide out of dress pants pocket in a long commute). This hardshell case is well built and the large and the cut outs for your usual access is precise allowing you to change volume, plug in headphones or data cable with ease.

Some interesting things that sets the ifrogz Luxe case apart from others are: 1). An interlocking mechanism that holds the two halves together tightly, 2). The inside of the case is lined with felt-like material which protects your iPhone from scratches due to extended installing and removeal of the case and 3). it has an extremely thin bezel around the front which keeps your iPhone slim.

The ifrogz Luxe I have is finished with a Royal Blue color which looks really good in my opinion. You can choose from eight different colors to match your favorite choice.

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