December 12, 2009

Mobile Experience Interrupted: No Data up in the Mountains

I took a day trip with a pal up Hunter Mountain for snowboarding today. Half way up the mountain, we thought we'd listen to some music fit for snowboarding to get us pumped up. We decided to stream it and play it back through my car stereo via iPhone's Pandora application over the data network. Just as I was commenting to my friend that mobile technology is getting so cool suddenly the music stopped. I checked my phone and all seems well, other then the fact that 3G data was switched over to EDGE network. I didn't think much of it until I reached to the top of the mountain and tried to send a photo and was prompted that it can't be sent. That is when I realized that just because it says EDGE network, it doesn't actually mean that I have Data connectivity.

The whole mobile experience was going so smoothly but was interrupted when data disappeared. At least I was able to make phone calls at the top of the mountain...


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