January 14, 2010

It's been a while...

Its been quite some time since I've posted anything here. Sincere apologies. I've been pretty busy at my work as my managers have really been challenging me (aka kicking my ass) but its a good feeling to constantly push oneself. That said, I'll actually be working towards a mobile commerce related project and will be sure to update my general experience in dealing with this upcoming project here. Speaking of which, I read that Digby just locked in a new retail client, Wet Seal which makes the mobile platform war quite fierce between Digby and UsableNet. My only gripe with UsableNet at the moment is that they insist on making you use a subdomain based on UsableNet.

As far as Mobile OS front, I've been playing around with Google's NEXUS One since around the Middle of December. Because of the NDA from the party where I had access from, I didn't want to post any feedback on it until this month. The procrastination got to the best of me so a perfectly good draft of Nexus One is just sitting on my desktop. In short, the phone is pretty slick as far as hardware and software integration goes (love that little vibration when you press on the touchpad) but the hardware itself doesn't make you feel like its a premium phone. Don't get me wrong, the OLED display is crisp and the Snap Dragon CPU is blazingly fast, but my general take with Android OS has been that it is trying to be too smart, thus taking away some of the control and decision making a user is accustomed to (case in point, I had a heck of a time loading my contacts from MacBook address book to the darn thing). There is no doubt in my mind, Android has the staying power and my prediction still stands, Google Mobile will dominate this space very soon.

Other updates:
Mobile Monday Brooklyn, is an event for all mobile fans to gather up and drink Free Beers. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood and talk mobile.

Random shoutout:
I just discovered OakleyVault.com, pretty steep discounts on my favorite brand of sunglasses and casual apparels.

Earthquake Haiti:
Please support them anyway you can. Red Cross is taking donations via Mobile, simply text "90999" and you'll be making a donation via your cell phone bill. More options can be read here.


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