January 19, 2010

Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset is out, Not Feeling it...

I remembered when Aliph introduced its original Jawbone bluetooth headsets with killer industrial design as well as performance that blew away most of the competitions. Along the way, Aliph introduced a couple of updates (Jawbone II, Jawbone Prime) but the bluetooth headset market has gotten extremely fierce thus making it hard to stand out like the original.

Yesterday, I received news on the new Aliph Jawbone Icon headset. This tiny jewel is supposed to have packed with all sorts of nice amenities including iPhone battery meter and some sort of app tie-in with their My-Talk website service.

Several things looks disappointing from my early gatherings: 1). They did not include a set of dedicated volume buttons figuring their auto adjust sensor would do the trick and 2). The design is a little too fashionable, to the point where it reminds me a set of fancy cuff links hanging off the side of your face. In all fairness, I've not tried this headset yet. But until I can get a review unit for a final verdict, I'm more looking forward to the new Spracht Aura BT headset that is coming soon.

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