February 20, 2010

Trapster knows where the Speed Traps are

I've always had an idea where I thought if a device maker would combine a GPS Unit+Radar Detector+Internet then it would be the most awesome device ever created. I had visions of this device to be able to provide a visual update of speed traps based on the built-in laser/radar detector and instantly upload and download this information to confirm/share with other users). I can go on with the concept but it would take an entire post so I'll spare you with the rest.

Until this visionary device comes along, I have found an interesting little app called Trapster which looks to be available across just about every mobile OS (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WinMo, WebOS, Symbian, etc...) that is dubbed as the "Speed Trap Sharing System". The app is a marriage of your standard social-based application that encourages people in the network to share the latest spotting of traffic police spots, speed cams and various other roadway information. Based on the various settings and filters available, users can customize alerts and sounds to notify you as you reached certain types of speed trapes. This alert can even be delievered via iPhone's push notification feature which doesn't even require you to run the app.

Apparently, this app has gotten strong buzz and some sheriff's office are even working with Trapster in an attempt to slow motorist down. While we don't condone speeding and reckless driving from this blog, the concept of this application is really interesting; it is one of those apps that will work really well if it can create a massive user community to help maintain it; or it would not work at all.


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