March 27, 2010

Apple, It's your game to lose now...

When Apple announced and launched the iPhone 3GS a year after iPhone 3G was introduced, I was pretty disappointed, Apple did a basic revamp and did not offer some of the much needed hardware improvements (i.e front-mount camera, flash-camera, etc.).  In the past 6 months, a crap load of Android-based hardware have finally arrived to various carriers all over the world with even more to come, it has got to apply some pressure at the Cupertino camp.

The latest and greatest blow to Apple's territory has to be Sprint's amazing comeback story of WiMAX-enabled HTC EVO; this handset is beautifully sculptured with amazing features to match (ie. 8.1 MP camera + front-mount camera, blazingly fast 4G, 4.3" screen and lots more).  What is most interesting for me is the timing of Sprint's announcement; there has been no sign of an upcoming iPhone and its been almost a year since the iPhone 3GS release; out of the nowhere comes with Sprint's WiMAX phone.  This news will surely make anyone whose iPhone contract is about due reconsider their options.

Apple's last big announcement has been the iPad which in my opinion has been receiving lukewarm responses.  With the smartphone market more competitive than ever, Apple's next iPhone announcement has to count, the problem is that the HTC EVO might have taken the thunder away from Apple as it pretty much offered all of the missing features from current iPhone model lineup.  Its as if Apple must now make two moves in advance to regain their leadership position.

Having said all this, I will now wait for Apple's future iPhone announcement with bated breath.

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