May 26, 2010

Review: Griffin Elan Passport Case for iPad

UPDATE (5/28/10): Griffin has reached out and clarified that they've improved the Griffin Elan Passport case design so the loops blocking either the lock/landscape/portrait or speaker ports are no longer blocking.  I've included an updated picture at the bottom.

If you are looking for a professional iPad case that is easy to use without having to pull the iPad in or out of a sleeve, Griffin's Elan Passport may be a case worth consideration at $49 MSRP. With a folio-styled design, this attractive case is made of a synthetic material that looks like leather especially with its sporty white stitching along the border.  The inside of the Elan Passport is made of a grey micro suede material to gently caress your iPad; when in use, it reminds me one of those fancy legal pad folios often seen in a board room.  It also comes with 4 card holder to increase its usability.  The iPad installs easily and stays in snuggly and it definitely provides ample protection.

There are some areas for improvement from the Griffin Elan Passport case, for instance, two of the four loops that holds the iPad in actually interferes with the iPad's hardware design.  One of the loop blocks portion of the speaker/mic port and the other blocks the power button and the portrait/landscape lock.  All together, the case doesn't get in the way of using your iPad but its still a design flaw never-the-less.  I would have also liked to have seen this case to fold into a desktop prop like the Apple iPad case.

If you are a young professional and do not like the idea of constantly taking your iPad in and out of a sleeve based case, the Griffin Elan Passport is definitely a good choice for a work setting to impress your co-workers or clients.

Improved Loop design shown below (updated 5/28/2010):


Anonymous said...

I like your review of the élan passport, and would also like a foldback prop design. Do you have any recommendations for a case that is a folio with a left pocket and a foldback prop up style?

Anonymous said...

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