June 13, 2010

Review: Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

Not all cordless mice are created equal and I've tried a few of them of my times to be able to tell you this.  I've had entry level Microsoft Notebook Mouse (not bad), Sony Bluetooth Mouse (works good on PC, shotty on Macs), Apple Mighty Mouse (slow, cumbersome) and more...  In any case, I love using cordless mouse, the freedom of roaming anywhere on my workstation without the boundary of wires satisfies me.  I've even brought in my own Logitech MX 1100 laser cordless mouse to my work out of my own pocket just because it is so worth it.

Now that you know I love cordless mouse technology, lets begin my review of the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX.  I set out to find a compact/mobile, cordless laser mouse with a Nano receiver as a compliment to my laptop for when I'm on the go.  I wanted to avoid bluetooth as I've historically not had great experiences with bluetooth mice.  Normally, I'd consider Microsoft Mouse and Logitech Mouse, given that my last purchase was the said MX 1100 which turned out to be a great device, I decided to go for the Anywhere Mouse MX since it promised the ability (Dark-Field Technology) to be used on any surface, even glass!  This feature will prove to be amazing since most of the modern hotels fancies desks with glass top.

This mouse, while considerably more expensive than other notebook mice (MSRP: $69, Amazon $59) is totally worth it.  The built quality, design and style is all business. For those on the fence, having a hard time justifying if investing over $50 in a cordless mouse is ever worth it, JUST DO IT!  I felt the same way twice now and both times I was very happy with my decision.  With a high quality mouse like this one, every thing just ties together nicely.  You never have to worry about connection issues or a bulky receiver sticking out of the side of your laptop or jumpy mouse icon.  Everything works smoothly right out of the box without even have to install the extra software.  The mouse comes with an on/off switch at the bottom and also includes a protective traveling case. If you install the Logitech software, it can give you added benefits of battery monitoring or DPI configuration and customized button.  The mouse comes with a guide for "10 Tips for Success" and I thought it was pretty good to cover all the features so here they are:

1). Plug & Play (Point and Click is just the beginning, use software to unlock more features)
2). One Battery is enough (Although it takes 2AA batteries, one will work and it can lighten your load)
3). Navigate by Thumb Buttons (2 buttons on the left side for browser forward/backward, I think this mouse is more right-hand friendly)
4). Window/Expose Switch Button
5). Nano Receiver Storage
6). Scroll Sideways (Software required)
7). Battery Gauge Onscreen (Software required)
8). Two-Scrolling speed (Press the scroller down to slow down and get that old click-to-click feel)
9). Darkfield Technology (Works on any surface)
10). Unify Receiver (the Nano receiver works with a family of Logitech products, ie. wireless keyboard)


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