July 16, 2010

Apple to Give Away iPhone4 Cases, instantly destroys Accessories Makers

Oh Apple, How'd you get yourself into this position where your every move seems to be a tough choice. Somehow you are reluctant to admit to the Antenna issues yet you are kinda giving in to the issue by offering a free case. I'm sure this doesn't make the 3rd party accessories/case makers happy, unless that 3rd party vendor provides one of the free ones Apple is giving away(assuming Apple would pay the selected few).


Ezra Schultz said...

This could destroy the accessory market for silicone or rubber cases but I have found one company that has come out with a great product to complement the free case or bumper from Apple. They have leather cases specifically designed to fit the iPhone with the silicone or rubber case. The cases look very sleek and the leather appears to be very high quality. Take a look, the site is www.primarycase.com

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