July 6, 2010

iPhone 4 First Impression

My pre-ordered iPhone 4 has finally arrived (ordered on June 16th).  I've only been able to spend a couple of hours with it so far (mostly setting it up, activating and sync'ing).  Here are my first impressions:

* Design: the design and finish is good but doesn't feel like its that much better than the previous iPhones (original or 3G/GS), largely because APPLE has done a great job designing all of the iPhones to date!
* Hardware: the high resolution LCD and speedy processor is amazing.  Everything is so much smoother and faster
* The Camera is making a huge impression on me, its so much faster than the iPhone 3G version, rivals point-n-shoots

Thats it for now, will provide a more details later, along with reviewing some accessories as usual.  Cheers!