July 29, 2010

Review: Griffin Reveal Ultra Slim Case for iPhone 4

Earlier this week, I reviewed the Griffin Reveal Etch case and loved every bit of it.  Today, I'm going to review it's cousin, the original Griffin Reveal case for iPhone 4.  Griffin Reveal (MSRP: $24.99) is anatomically identical to Reveal Etch.  The "bumper" sides are made of a rubber/silicon material with a transparent protective back plate.  Note: I personally think its mandatory to buy a case that has protective back plate than just a bumper.

The case is very easy to apply and its fits very snug as expected.  All the cut outs (buttons, ports, camera) are precise and the cover over power switch and volume buttons are precisely molded for control.  The case is very slim, hardly adding any bulk to the iPhone 4. It's biggest selling feature is having a polycarbonate back cover that is transparent to retain iPhones beautiful glass on the backside offering the best of both worlds.  I did notice that small lints can get in between the backplate and iPhone which can drive some people insane (ie. me). Otherwise, the case is highly portable and functional for everyday use.

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