July 21, 2010

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Makes DroidX More Comparable

By now, you should have seen the crazy DROID X marketing blitz hitting the TV/Radio/Internet/Blogsphere and if you have not updated your smartphone to the new iPhone 4, you'd be interested to know this.  Droid X is a powerful little device built by Motorola, with 1GHz processor, super large LCD and 8MP pixel, its a worthy contender to challenge the Cupertino empire.  However, by default, Droid X is only shipped with a 8GB onboard memory and an extra 16GB microSDHC card (a whopping 24GB) which is a perfectly good competition against the 16GB iPhone 4; what if you need more storage than that, like the 32GB iPhone 4 has to offer? Well, thanks to SanDisk, when you purchase a Droid X, you can pick up a 32GB microSDHC card for $99 (otherwise cost $149), that is a whopping 40GB of phone storage w/ an extra 16GB of microSDHC on the side for swappable content.

Lets do the math:
iPhone 4 (32GB) = $299
Droid X (8GB w/16GB Card) $199 + SanDisk 32GB Card $99.99 = $299

Thanks to SanDisk, Droid X is now positioned more competitively, if not better!

Full Press Release Here.

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