August 31, 2010

Griffin CinemaSeat & PowerJolt for iPad

This summer's best iPad accessories for your road trip!

If you have small children, then you should be able to relate that road trips now takes more time to prepare and endure.  For a long time, I've opted for a tablet-styled portable DVD player system such as this Philips dual screen system.  As you know, taking a portable DVD player would require you to carry DVDs with you, again adding more inconvenience to the process.  This is where your iPad with CinemaSeat + PowerJolt car charger comes in.

CinemaSeat (MSRP: $39.99)
The CinemaSeat is a horizontal faux-leather case that comes with velcro-adjustable strap for the back of your car's headrest.  The case is elegant and has a finish that will blend quite nicely with the interior of any car (so long as your car's interior is lighter color).  The velcro is designed to wrap in between the headrest and the car seat so it will not bother the driver or passenger headrests.  There are no adjustments that can be made so if the position of the iPad is not at an ideal viewing angle, there isn't too much you can do.  In my recent road trip, using the iPad to playback a movie for my child proved to be a very good thing.  The iPad's screen lights up beautifully while the speakers provided ample sounds for the car ride.  My only gripe (and its to no fault of Griffin's) is that I wished there was a way to remotely control the iPad so to restart a movie wouldn't require us to pull the iPad out of the CinemaSeat.  I also wished the CinemaSeat would come with a black finish to blend into my car's interior.  Note: CinemaSeat has a pretty tight fitment so you can't use a case with your iPad, the way I do it is to use the Griffin Elan Passport to transport the iPad so that it can be easily taken out for the car ride while providing ample protection for the rest of the trip.

Griffin PowerJolt car charger for the iPad (MSRP:

The PowerJolt for iPad is the other essential road trip accessory for your iPad.  Unlike your typical charger which runs at 5V DC output at 0.5 or 1.0A, this bad boy pumps out the juice at 2.1A.  In basic terms, this charger will charge your iPad at a much faster rate than the lower amperage chargers.  The package also comes with a USB cable since that is the plug type at the back end of the charger.  In theory, this charger would work and charge all USB devices as Griffin pretty much suggests it to work with most of the iPhones and iPods up to date. The PowerJolt makes a great companion for your upcoming road trip for obvious reasons.  Note: Personally, I don't like to mix the chargers amongst my device when they have different amperage rating even if the output are all at 5V DC, I am not sure if the extra amperage/increased charge rate will do any negative impact to the battery of those devices.


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