August 3, 2010

iPhone 4 (long overdue 2nd impression)

Almost a month ago, I provided my first impression, a quick overview to the iPhone 4.  I've been putting off this write up so here it is after one month of day-to-day usage.

The iPhone 4 is a very polished product of the iPhone family, as expected.  Everything about it speaks elegance, refinement and class.  To make that experience better, the new iPhone 4 is faster in every way (ie. transition speed, application launching/closing, multi-tasking, internet browsing, camera, etc...).  Coupled with one of the best looking, 300dpi LCD screen, the end product feels like perfection.  It empowers you to use your phone as the primary computing device, entertainment system and photography/camcorder solution.

For me, the device gives me a sense of confidence in the busy world.  From a recent trip to Canada, I relied on my iPhone 4 for everything, directions, photography, restaurant recommendation, sight seeing advice, maps and so much more. 

As for complaints, I have two.  The first one is the most obvious of the Antennagate issue; while I'm always a big protective case fan, I find it annoying that the iPhone 4 has this problem unlike any other iPhone in the prior generation.  The second issue I've noticed is the battery life, when you are hardly using the device, it has one of the best standby hours, however, once you start to use it more heavily, the battery usage is pretty severe and will barely last one full day of usage (as expected for any legitimate smartphone).

That said, I'm very pleased with the new iPhone 4; while there are amazing Android phones available on the market, I'll probably enjoy the iPhone 4 for the next year until I'm ready to think about the smartphone market place again.

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