August 22, 2010

Review: Griffin Elan Frame Graphite for iPhone 4

If you oppose the idea of having a protective case covering up your gorgeous new iPhone but has succumbed to the "antennagate" issue surrounding the iPhone, then Griffin's Elan Frame Graphite is probably perfect for you.  In short, the Elan Frame is just like the Apple iPhone Bumper, except that its available and ready to ship (apparently, Apple is currently not selling the Bumper to public right now since it was one of the few free choices offered in the make good free case program). 

Elan Frame comes in three flavors, black/graphite/platinum.  I've trained myself at this point to automatically take anything option that is either graphite or carbon fiber when its available because it has never failed me, these patterns (real or faux) always look great on just about anything.  As expected, the Elan Frame Graphite looks amazing on my black iPhone 4.  The case comes apart in two pieces and snaps together snugly.  All the cut outs for buttons and ports are precise as usual.  The overall effect is very slick, a little shiny and the graphite print just takes it home when you can see the pattern in the right amount of light.

The Elan Frame works as advertised and will help you dress up your iPhone 4 in a limited way while solving the antennagate issue, personally, I like to opt for a little more protection so the Griffin Reveal Etch Graphite (my review) would still be my preference. 


Anonymous said...

This looks like a really nice case.. Any complaints since you reviewed it? Is there anything inside to protect the phone from being scratched by the case?

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