August 4, 2010

Review: Otterbox Commuter iPad Case

I just received an Otterbox Commuter series case for the iPad, it took me not more than 5 minutes to get this bad boy onto my 32GB iPad, yes, its that easy to apply some of the best protection for your iPad.  If you don't know about Otterbox, take a look at some of my reviews here; these guys mean business, the protection business for gadgets.

The Commuter Series iPad Case, like their iPhone cases, are composed of multiple pieces (3 to be exact).  You have the inner silicon sleeve that is the contact point with your iPad, it gently caress and protects the iPad while the plastic hardshell slaps on the outside like an armor. When both pieces are added, its provides ample protection at the exchange of added weight of course.  The Commuter case also comes with a full screen LCD protector that is very easy to apply.  With two white tabs at each end, its one of the best LCD film protection application I've ever worked with.  I was worried at first that I couldn't get rid of some air bubbles at the edges, but when you have the full case installed, the border where the air bubble shows are completely covered.  All the ports, cut outs and switches are very maneuverable with this case and of course, very precise, they've even included a removable door so you can dock to the Apple OEM charging dock.

The Otterbox Commuter case for iPad is very sturdy and hefty, I feel very good about having it to protect my iPad which I take almost everywhere with.  Normally, I would lean towards a portfolio style iPad case, but if I were to go with a enclosure-styled protection, this Commuter series design is by far the best protection out there.  The Otterbox Commuter Series iPad Case is now available for purchase directly from their website at $65 (free ground shipping).

Those looking for the ultimate protection should check out Otterbox's Defender line, those things are crazy tough, I've had a couple to show for.

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