October 21, 2010

Review: Griffin Standle Case for iPad

It feels like in the world of iPad users, there are two types of user preference.  There is the carrying case (folio) kinda folks and there is the stand (prop) kinda folks.  Some carrying cases allows for you to prop up your iPad but it doesn't look good as a stand.  Some stands look nice but offers no protection.  Then, along came the Griffin Standle, the name even suggest that it would be an hybrid of sort.  Sure enough, it is.

The Standle is a hardcase for the iPad offering some protection around your precious hardware.  What makes it different is its ability to prop up the iPad in both Portrait and Landscape mode and, while propped, actually looks very good as if its on an actual hardware stand.  The case comes in two pieces, you simply snap it together sandwiching the iPad in the middle.  Those of you familiar with my reviews will know that I'm generally not a fan of the 2-halves design because of one incident where my original iPhone (EDGE) actually fall out of the case upon impact.  Therefore, I would not rely on this case too much for impact related protection, there are other suitable choices for that.

Overall, the Standle is very easy to use and is truly a versatile case for your iPad.  The black, glossy finish is good looking in a Darth Vader kind of a way but attracts finger prints just as much as your iPad screen.  For basic protection that can be used as a stand, this is one of the most creative iPad case design I have ever seen.  The case is now available online for $49.99.

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