October 17, 2010

Review: Otter Box Impact Series Case for HTC EVO

If you own a smart device other than Apple's, you will know that it's pretty hard to find accessories for them.  Things get harder to find when it comes to devices that are one off design for selected manufacturers, for instance, all of the HTC phones.  Well, if you happen to own the best HTC Android smartphone today (IMHO), then your HTC EVO 4G is in luck.  OTTER BOX just released it's Impact series case for the EVO and in short, it works and fits very nicely (and I like it!)

Otter Box is famous for it's high quality and durability in cases (see a handful of my reviews on various Apple products here).  That same ruggedness is now available to protect your top dog 4G smartphone. The Impact series case is a one piece silicon sleeve, albeit one thick silicon case offering ample protection.  In Otter Box's own description, it's toughness is rated level 2 out of 4, those looking for ultimate levels of protection should look into their level 4 case, the DEFENDER series (see my reviews).

I was surprised at how much I liked the Impact case for the EVO, it fits the device perfectly, as if the case and EVO have fused together the instant they met.  The cutouts are precise and the texture (especially) on the backside looks amazing, even better than stock. Since the EVO has a smooth/high gloss finish, using the case provides addition grip with it's rubbery finish which also decreased the devices tendency to slide off surfaces on an incline.  The case also offers extra padding around the front of the phone to make sure that gorgeous LCD will not make contact with the flat surface thus avoid unnecessary scratch; this is on top of throwing in a free LCD protector laminate film.

All Otter Box cases tend to add some thickness or heft to the devices but it didn't feel this way with the EVO.  Prior to trying out this Impact Series case (MSRP: $19.99), the EVO was used naked in it's default state, now this EVO will always be rocking inside the Otter Box Impact Series case.

Bottom line: One of the best cases with a good balance of pricing, fit and performance, its a little nugget of protection for your top of line Android device....  If you weren't sure, just go get it, you'll love it!


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