October 4, 2010

Review: Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics just launched two new premium bluetooth headset to its line-up.  1). The Savor M1100 and 2). Voyager PRO+, an update to the popular Voyager PRO.  I've arranged review units for both and will cover the Savor M1100 today.

The Savor M1100 bluetooth headset is a lightweight in terms of its, well..., weight; its probably one of the lightest headset I've ever encountered which is a good thing.  But make no mistake, it packs big features.  Pairing the headset is really easy on an iPhone, I was up and running within 30 seconds.  Once connected, you'll notice the battery meter appearing on the iPhone which is a really cool feature in advance headsets these days.  On a quick glance, the M1100 headset has a very minimalist appearance and it seems like there are not buttons or switches, upon close inspection, you'll find four, yes 4, buttons on the device which makes it really friendly to use for any "headless" device.  There is a button to answer/drop calls, button for voice command and access it's Vocalyst feature (for voice text message features, twitting, etc...), button for volume control and a real on/off switch which is something I really enjoy/must have on any blue-tooth headset (a physical switch that is on or off).  The only complaint I have is the fact that due to all the button arrangements, it becomes difficult for me to get a good grip to push the headphone in without depressing the buttons (most notably, the answer/end button).  After some practice, I learn the best way is to hold the two sides using my thumb and middle finger while pushing one of the corners with my index finger.  This won't accidentally disconnect a call when I try to wear the headset while someone is calling. 

This bluetooth headset supports A2DP stereo streaming and that is the first thing I tested.  This is actually the first time I've ever tried streaming MP3 or Movie audio via a Bluetooth headset.  The quality is decent but I wouldn't toss away my VMODA headset just yet.  I placed several test calls and the first impression is that the volume is very clear and very loud.  It appears that the Plantronics Audio Engineers are not messing around with the SAVOR M1100, they want you to hear the conversations loud and clear!  There are a handful of quick keys and short cuts for the headphone like redial, voice recognition (works surprisingly well!), reconnect, etc...  The Get Started guide is very handy to get you up to speed.

The SAVOR M1100 (MSRP: $99) is a worthy premium bluetooth headset in a very competitive marketplace.  It is one of the lightest headset I've ever encountered with amazing 4hr talk time and 7 Day Standby (no tradeoff  here!).  Plantronics's noise filtering technology (AudioIQ3 and DSP) and Triple-Mic technology does ample job keeping the calls nice and clear.  I think this is one of the best Bluetooth headset on the market today.  Plantronics is offering 1 year free Basic Subscription of it's Vocalyst service for free, go get 'em! 


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