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October 13, 2010

Tango App is Awesome!

I don't usually review apps unless they offer the ability to enhance one's mobile experience.  Tango App is definitely one that enhances mobile experience.  It fills a huge void in the premium smartphone space:  Cross-platform Video Chat over 3G or 4G data network (with ease).

Its what Facetime and Qik should've been.  Simply download Tango on your iPhone 4 or HTC EVO.  Then dial your friends from your address book via Tango.  Tango has no registration process and will tell you if your friend has Tango installed so you can call them.  Video call over 3G data is decent and I had no problem doing so with other iPhone 4 or HTC EVO users.  There are some bugs that needs to be iron'd out, for instance, somehow  my iPhone won't ring when a friend is Tango-calling me even though Tango is running in the background (yet, it works on my friend's iPhone 4) [UPDATE: There is no bug, the app will not alert you if during installation, you've disallowed push notification, albeit they could have explained it better or provided some reference in the settings menu, it can be fixed if you go to your iPhone's SETTINGS>PUSH NOTIFICATION>ENABLE Sound and Display for Tango, thanks to my friend at KRAPPS for the tip!].  In any case, the application is still working pretty good, doing the job that Facetime or Qik should've done.

Tango is an amazing app and I highly recommend it!


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