November 10, 2010

Google TV is being hate on...

I find it appalling but not surprising that all the major network stations seems to have band together and stopped working with Google TV.  On one hand, as a consumer and TV watcher, I think its pathetic that network TV is doing this and all they are doing is sending viewers to obtain the programmings some other way (hooking up a Computer to a TV or hit the torrents).  On the other hand, if I were a network TV exec., I'd be concerned  about Google and/or other media center solutions coming along, streaming my content while losing out on the ability to monetize on the viewership in a traditional sense (going through what the newspaper publishers felt).

To me, the problem lies in traditional media failing to react and anticipate to the internet age.  Most execs have been so used to the traditional way to making money that they failed to come up with a strategy early on to handle "internet".  If you look around, its the same story across just about any business who's failed to adapt, look at Blockbuster vs. Netflix or even the cable companies.

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