November 10, 2010

Review: Griffin MyPhones (Headphones for Kids)

Chances are, if you own and iPad and have kids, your iPad is likely to be served as your children's companion especially during a vacation or road trip.  One of the most important accessories to own is a pair of headphones for kids.  This is where Griffin's MyPhones come in to save the day (or trip).  Calibrated at 85 decibels, recommended level by many auditory health organization, this headphones can be safely used by your child even if you set the iPad volume to max.  (Warning: be sure to set the volume back down after use just incase you decide to plug in a headphone for yourself afterwards).  The headphones fit small children nicely and is adjustable making it fit children across different age group.

What I like about Griffin's MyPhones is the entire package and when I say entire package, I literally meant the product packaging which can also be used as a storage case for the headphones.  It also comes with three sets of earcap designs for your child to customize the look accordingly.  There are even more creative designs available at Griffin MyPhones is $39 MSRP and I think its a must-have for your children if they use any audio device that requires headphones!


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