November 8, 2010

Review: iFrogz Ronin Over-the-Head Style Headphones

It seems like these days, a pair of over-sized DJ style headphones is a required accessory to an urban hipster.  That is why iFrogz's new Ronin headphones (MSRP $49) may be that missing acessories from your wardrobe.

The Ronin DJ Style Headphones come in four colorful variations.  It sits comfortably over your head with a soft and cushiony ear pads with just the right amount of tension.  The headphones are adjustable and the cords are plenty long and durable.  In this iPhone crazed era, I would have liked the headset to come with an inline mic for more practicality.

The audio performance from the Ronin headphones is nice but nothing extreme.  Given its frequency range is quite narrow between 20-20,000Hz, it doesn't hit the lows or the highs compared to other headsets that I'm used to.  The higher priced Mogul headphones in the iFrogz line-up may be a better fit for those looking for more sound bite (10-30,000Hz).

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