January 4, 2011

Vehicle Diagnostics on your Smartphone, Thanks Griffin!

Griffin announced an interesting gadget at the CES today.  It's a hardware called "CarTrip" which allows you to plug in to most late model vehicle's onboard computers diagnostics (OBD-II) to decipher your car's error codes (when the "Check Engine" diode is on).  It also captures various other data points like fuel consumption and engine acceleration and calculates a "Carbon Score" based on the vehicle owner's driving pattern.

The hardware dongle uses bluetooth technology to pass said data back to your smartphone (iPhone or Android App, available Q1 and Q2 in 2011 respectively).  It also has a built-in SD card slot to record all the vehicle data you can throw at it.

Personally, this sounds interesting since historically, accessing a vehicle's OBD has been limited to professional mechanics or amateur grease monkeys.  I'm wondering to what extent will folks with Force-induction engines like the BMW 335i or Mitsubishi EVO X can do with a gadget like this... can Griffin give us tech geeks the ability to tune up our daily drivers and become the all mighty Vishnu Tuning at home?

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