January 12, 2011

Verizon iPhone 4: What does it really mean?

The hype is all over the place, the Verizon iPhone 4 is really happening.  (Yawn!)

What does this mean:
* After all the years of speculation and waiting, Verizon finally gets the iPhone 4 which is 6 months old (this is a long time in Mobile years)
* iPhone 4, despite the "4" in reference is only 3G, Verizon is launching a 3G device amidst the 4G storm right after CES 2011
* Verizon's 3G apparently does not allow you to take voice call and surf the web at the same time
* Verizon's CDMA network limits their version of iPhone 4 to be used within the USA only, although ATT's iPhone 4 uses the micro-SIM standard, you still have some options to run another SIM card if you really wanted to (albeit ATT's iPhone is locked to itself making this point a wash, but there are other countries selling GSM iPhone 4s unlocked)
* The only improvements I see are better Antenna design (avoid the antennagate mess) and ability to run as a mobile hotspot up to 5 devices

In short, the announcement is much needed for both Verizon and APPLE to maintain/grow market share but disappointing as far as it being practically the same thing we've seen with lesser features.

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