February 10, 2011

Review: Cleverwraps Ringer Wraps Protection for Smartphones

Picture this Story:
6AM, random December morning, light drizzle in the city.  Destination: Catskills area for a Snowboarding day trip.  My buddy and I debated for a minute if we should go for it unknown if the rain will get worse 100mi North… 2 hours later…  the rain continues and was coming down even harder at Hunter Mountain.  “Fuck it, Lets do it!” we said, and proceeded to gear up and went up the mountain.  I kept my iPhone 4 in a mid-layer jacket pocket, covered by another layer of outer parka.  My friend kept his G-1(yes, I know, very dated device), in his exterior jacket pocket.  After four runs and completely drenched, we found shelter at the resort lounge to assess damage.  Pants wet, Jacket soaked, Wallet is damp and my iPhone 4, being inside of another layer, stayed dry.  my pal's G1 on the other hand… had water leaking out of its mini USB port.

Just like that, a perfectly working (albeit outdated) smartphone is finished.  Mother nature pwn’d it.  In hindsight, we talked about bringing a Ziploc bag with us next time or leave the phones in the car.  When the folks at Cleverwraps contacted me about a product called Ringerwrap, it immediately caught my attention.  This story popped up in my head and immediately recognized the importance of such innovation.  Ringerwraps come in 3 sizes: Small (for iPhone, iPod Touch), Medium (for vertical/flip phones), Large (for horizontal slider phones).  It offers a low bulk solution to hostile environments like the snow, rain, beach, and muddy terrains not friendly for your gadget.  At around $2 per sleeve, I think this is a no brainer.  It would have saved Yann’s G1 for sure.  I think everyone should consider keeping a couple of sleeves in their backpack for their next outdoor adventure.



muhammadrazzaq said...

this marvelous handset, satellite navigation to help you while traveling is provided by A-GPS with support of Nokia maps.

muhammadrazzaq said...

hahaha..henpon aku LG KF300..ok tu ok..tapi aku tak tau apesal message aku dier tak le simpan kat external card.

Anonymous said...

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