April 18, 2011

Review: Griffin PowerDock Dual

Griffin, the maker of the popular Powerdock 2 and Powerdock 4 charging station came out with another innovative solution to charge multiple devices at one time, including your iPad or iPad 2.  Dubbed the PowerDock Dual(MSRP $59), is the latest creation that combines a desktop valet, iPhone/iPod and iPad charger in one. Conceptually, this may sound like a "big" solution but in reality, this charging station has a relatively small footprint since Griffin designed it with an L-shape in mind. 

The PowerDock Dual, much like its relative Powerdock series, gives generous spaces to the charging dock so that iPhone or iPods of different generation can fit (with or without a case), I love this feature!  There are some plastic inserts can help you stablize the front and back of the charging cradle, in my scenerio, I only affix the back support which gives me more room to charge my iPad2 with the magic cover attached.  The valet is nice as it can hold your small belongings (ie. pens, cufflinks or keys).
With the PowerDock Dual coupled with the original PowerDock4 was really handy around my household.  Over the past weekend, we've had a few guests visiting, there were no less than 5 iPhones, 1 iPod Touch, 2 iPads at once...  everyone was happy and their devices were charged, at the same time!

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