July 18, 2011

Review: Griffin Elan Folio for iPad 2

The Elan Folio has always been a favorite case design of mine for the original iPad (see old review here). When Griffin launched an update for the iPad 2, I wanted to see if they've made any improvements over the last.  Overall the Folio case for iPad 2 is nearly identical to the original Folio for the iPad.  It's the same level of snugness, solid protection, flexibility as a two-way stand as the original with a minor enhancement of having only one tab which is easier to set it up as a stand and obviously, proper cut outs for iPad2's rear camera.  It is also available in real leather for anyone looking for the ultimate luxury for their beloved iPad 2.  Price for the polyurethane one starts at $49 while the leather version is $69.  I still have the same feedback for improvment which is to add a inside pocket of some sort in the flap which will allows for business users to wedge in some small notes, receipts or business cards with ease.