August 21, 2011

How to Score a $99 HP Touchpad!

(UPDDATE: 8:37AM - In less than an hour, both 16GB and 32GB versions of HP TouchPad was sold out online at That was quick! Now lets keep the fingers crossed for actual shipment)
Yesterday's breaking news of HP dropping the development of TouchPad and it's pricing to $99 was EPIC in gadget news; at $99, you will get a fairly decent Tablet device with a front webcam for Video-VOIP and basic internet utilities is a pretty sweet deal for anyone. Right away, brick&mortar stores that lowered it's price cleared out all of its inventories. Saturday (8/20) evening, Best Buy decided to lower it's in-store pricing while making the TouchPad unavailable for a few hours online. Apparently, as of early this morning, TouchPad can now be purchased directly on So you now have two choices to buy:

1. Purchase Directly on (link).
$99 for a 16GB Unit. (was $399, original price was $499)
$149 for a 32GB Unit. (was $499, original price was $599)

2. If the web is out of stock, here is another trick. Leverage Google's "In-stock Nearby" function on Google Product Search to give you an idea which physical store nearby has the new attractive pricing.

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Stylo said...

I think its out of stock overall.