August 27, 2011

Review: Targus Versavu Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad2

The nice folks at Targus sent me a review unit of their latest Versavu Keyboard (the pronunciation is a mouthful) for a quick review.  I gotta admit, at the beginning, I wasn't entirely convinced the whole protective case slash bluetooth keyboard thing.  That is until I hooked up my wife's iPad 2 to it and then it hit me.  Having a wireless keyboard for your iPad is really NICE!

For me, it feels like my experience typing on the iPad has always had an invisible brake applied and typing with a bluetooth keyboard gives me back the missing speed that I have always craved.  I can officially leverage the iPad 2 as a serious business machine taking notes with confidence during meetings or business conferences.  In fact, to prove my point, this blog post is drafted entirely on the same iPad 2 and it feels so good!

Lets get right to my break down of Pros and Cons:
* You can type so much faster now, it's really the point
* The case itself is very sturdy and well made
* iPad2 fits snuggly in the holder, rotates into landscape and portrait mode
* Lots of shortcut keys like "Home", "Play/Pause", "Keyboard", "Volume Up/Down" and etc...
* Stylus Holder

Cons: (To be totally fair, the cons are a function of small footprint, I can't fault Targus)
* Hefty, when closed, the thickness and weight exceeds MacBook Air
* The Keyboard is small, which is fine, but some of the buttons have been shifted
 * ie. The "colon" key is removed and works as a function shift key
* Disconnected Experience: Again, not Targus fault, in fact its because the kit is so well-integrated that it kept making think that my iPad2 is a laptop, so I was expecting some additional linked like using the keyboard to adjust brightness or searching for a trackpad
* Lack of Battery Guage indicator

Overall, I really enjoyed this product.  The keyboard is designed specifically for the iPad2 and I feel like my productivity instantly increased.  While the thickness and weight is a little heavy, it does offer more productivity for the good ole' iPad2.  I would have appreciated some backlite to the keyboard but I understand it would likely drain the battery much longer.  Not having battery life gauge like some of my bluetooth headsets makes it a guess work to know how much juice is left.

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ipad 2 keyboard said...

Very nice review. I was thinking to buy a Verbatim keyboard case and now changed my mind. Targus Versavu is more functional.