July 8, 2012

Best $1.60 (Case) to Spend on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I recently decided to switch over (from iPhone 4) to an Android Device for a vacation where I would need offline mapping.  Naturally, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250) was the best option (until Galaxy S3) becomes available.  One of the first things I noticed about the Galaxy Nexus is that it is enormous but thin, which makes somewhat awkward to hold and can easily slip out of my hands.  So I decided to comb through Amazon to find a case.  Lo and behold, I stumbled across this Qubits case which I paid $2.25 with free Prime Shipping.  At the time of writing, the price have gone down lower, to $1.6 (I am speechless).

Not much to say about this case other than, it works!  Here are some highlights:

* Easily Slips On, but will not come off easily
* Adds a little bulk which is nice, for the protection and easier to grip
* The bulk it not terrible
* Super Affordable
* The cut-outs are precise and does not interfere with the I/Os or Camera
* The molded sides allows for precise control of Power and Volume buttons
* Looks good... in a simple, black/rubber/plastics combo, fitting for a business man or tech guy!

Enough said, go buy one now!  :)


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