July 3, 2012

Free Android WiFi Tethering via FoxFi

For those who knows me (especially after a couple of drinks unlocking the inner rhetoric) will know that one of my favorite sayings is "how many times will telecom charge me for the same Internet".  I am referring to a scenario where you might pay a carrier for internet data plan for your home, smartphone, tablet, hotspot tethering and perhaps  your work is paying a BlackBerry with one more data plan.  In the end, it's the same data plan, paid multiple times for just one person, who can only use one of these options at a time (most of the time).  Sure, I am being a bit extreme here but this scenario is close to what every telecom is trying to pitch at us. 

When I stumbled across a free android app called FoxFi, I was infatuated.  The developer of this app promised to be able to leverage your phone's data plan and broadcast as a mobile hotspot, without paying extra!  Your's truly tested this little app on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM, Unlocked Version) and was impressed!  The app worked as advertised.  There is no need to root the phone or do anything fancy, simply install the app and turn it on.

FoxFi also offers an Add-On app which allows you to create a web proxy server to hide the tether usage.

Update: 7/8/2012:  Just want to be clear, my version of the Galaxy Nexus is the stand alone GSM version, unlocked, and not-issued by a Carrier.  I was able to dig and find a default OS Hotspot within the device setting menu.  I have not test out that option.

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