October 31, 2012

Nexus 4: Where is the LTE?

Google recently introduced a series of "Nexus" branded devices in a campaign:

Nexus 4:  an LG built super smartphone
Nexus 7:  this 7" tablet has been around the block
Nexus 10: the big brother of tablet is now 9.7"

When I finally decided to look up the new phone as a potential to update my Nexus Galaxy, the one thing I am looking for is missing:  4G LTE.  Come on!  Why is this not available?  I can live with the anemic storage options of 8GB or 16GB but the missing 4G LTE is kind of unacceptable going into 2013.  For me, the evolution of smartphones and mobile experience is transcending beyond the device itself and one of the most important feature is mobile hotspot and it's connection speed.  Since mobile internet speed is becoming more important to me, I decided to lookup all of the terminologies carriers throw at us and make some sense of it:

Source: Tasel (This article does an amazing job capturing the data capacity all the way from EDGE network to LTE, while explaining it's theoretical peak performance vs. what you actually see from day-to-day)

HSPA: 1.8Mbps on a good day
HSDPA (This is what I have today on Nexus Galaxy):  3.5Mbps on a good day.
HSPA+ (This is what the new Nexus 4 will have): 6Mbps on a good day
4G LTE (iPhone 5, Galaxy S3): 15-20Mbps

As you can see, while the HSPA+ is going to be slightly faster than the HSDPA, it's still quite a bit behind the  LTE network...

Google, the NEXUS branded phones were suppose to be the best! Where is the 4G LTE???

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