September 10, 2013

Your Move, Google! (hint: Nexus 5)

Apple's iPhone 5s announcement is pretty boring today.  I think this company is showing clear signs of lack of innovation.  There were only 3 significant things to note on the new iPhone 5s and they are all pretty miniscule:

1. 64 bit Processor (sure it is cool and industry first but 99% of the users couldn't care if its 32 or 64bit)
2. Better Camera (iPhone cameras have always been great... so it is now greater... again "minimal" change)
3. Finger Print Scanner (hmm... thats crazy innovation here... just in case, I was being sarcastic)

If Google plays their cards right, this can be the first time where the Nexus 5 device can truly trump the iPhone 5s.  Below would be the killer recipe:

1. 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 Processor (this phone would be a beast)
2. 3GB RAM (again, it would be so fast and robust)
3. 3000+mAh Battery (this will prolong the beast)
4. 32GB Internal Memory + MicroSDHC Expansion slot
5. High Density Screen between 4.5-5"
6. LTE (or even LTE+ 150mbps)
7. 8MP+ Camera featuring f/2.0 low lighting camera... (iPhone 5s is at f/2.2)
8. Finally, tie up all of the above with the Kit Kat 4.4 release...

One dares to dream!

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