November 29, 2013

Review: STM Catch Case for iPhone 5/5s

The nice folks at STM asked me to take a look at some of their latest product offerings for the new iPhone 5/5s.  Amongst their collection, one product jumped out at me for a need I have been wanting to fulfill.  The Catch is a case which doubles up as a card holder which can act as a phone protector and a wallet.  To a man who is obsessive about minimizing everything in life, this case is interesting.
The case itself is a solid TPU (flexible) case which provides ample protection for your phone.  This is important since it's primary function is to protect the phone.  I opted for a black one to keep the phone look modern and minimal but they do offer 2 more colors to fit various personalities. 

Once I had the case installed, I quickly brought out my wallet to decide which two cards I plan to carry in the two available slots.  Believe it or not, that is when I ran into a bit of a dilemma.  I already use one of these slim Monaco wallets from Tumi which I've narrowed down to about 5 or 6 cards to have at all times. This case is asking me to narrow it further down to 2 of the most essential cards to take with me.  This is difficult because I think a modern man in a metro area needs at least 4 cards at all times:  ID, ATM Card, Credit Card and Subway/Metro Pass.  This ignores the possibility of a work badge/ID.  

Having said that, here is what I conclude of this case; it is a nice option to have for pre-meditated short trips; meaning, on your way to the gym on the weekends, you can toss in your credit card and metro card so you can buy some groceries or coffee on your way home. It will not replace your wallet but for small trips where you just have one pocket to hold your phone, this will do the trick!  You might want to tape a $20 bill to the back of the phone so it can protect the cards from scratching up the back of the phone with prolonged use!

Nice TPU Case that protects the phone with nice cutouts
Carries two cards, acting like a wallet
Good for when you are on a quick trip (ie. to the Gym, to the store) and didn't want to carry your entire wallet
Card slits are exposed to the back of the phone (may scratch back of your phone over time)
Since it only holds 2 cards, it may never replace your wallet

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