November 18, 2013

Yota Phones featuring 2nd LCD leveraing e-Ink

It's been a while since I wrote about a hardware piece that excited me.  The last device I was excited about was the NEXUS 5 which is an amazing phone but to me, its a mild upgrade from the NEXUS 4.  However, when I heard about a Russian startup's new phone dubbed as Yota Phone which leverages a second LCD Screen using E-Ink, I was intrigued.

Furthermore, when I realized these guys are really solving a battery problem in a smart way, I got really excited.  In short, the Yota phones come with two screens, a regular color LCD and a black/white E-Ink LCD, both are 4.3" and both are touchscreen based.

With E-Ink using minimal energy and can store the previously displayed image forever, these guys figured out a way to leverage this technology to play nicely in this information age we live in (where we are over-flooded with information and not everything needs to be accessed in ULTRA High, 4K HD, Retina-High Pixel Density Display kind of way.  Sometimes, as long as the simple information such as Tweets, Facebook updates or Calendar reminders can come through clearly to us, its sufficient.  This to me, is one of those "Wow" moments where technology is just leveraged properly to solve real life problems.  Some examples I've seen including the use of the 2nd screen for mobile boarding passes, MAP needs for a weary traveler running low on power.  The application is endless and I can already imagine a Yota Tablet which doubles as a eBook, eNewspaper device with amazing Battery life to boot!

Yota phone is suppose to be available in December. This solution is so simple that it is brilliant, just like all the smart ideas I admire (ie. UBER, Square, Netflix, etc.).  Big Kudos to the Yota team.  I hope them great success!

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