February 12, 2014

Nexus 5 Battery Mysteriously Draining Faster

Current Build: 4.4.2

As of last week, I start to notice the battery life on my Nexus 5 starting to drain much faster than usual.  As noted when I first received my Nexus 5, I can get more than 1 day of usage out of the phone.  Now it would drain down to 20% if I don't charge it throughout the day.

It seems like "Cell Standby" is using most of the battery drain... which is strange as it has never been the culprit in the past.  I am with AT&T, so I wonder if its something AT&T has changed recently to it's cell towers in NYC since this was not the case few months ago.  It seems like this is a common complaint.

[UPDATE]:  I turned off "LTE" (in settings>more>mobile networks>preferred network type>3G) so it is forced back to 3.5G HSPDA which offers much stronger signal, 5 bars.  This seems to have restored the battery life as I once expected.  Still not sure why the sudden problem with LTE as it has not been a problem until recently.

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