May 15, 2014

Affordable, Unlocked Smartphones in Abundance

Just a couple of years ago, to buy a smartphone, you have to sign away for a 2-year contract or spend $500-700 to buy one out right.  The ownership includes a costly monthly data plan and it was definitely considered a "luxury" item.  At that time, a premium device can run on BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, iOS or Android which is still pretty limited experience considering even two latter operating systems were still at its infancy and hardwares are still restricted (2G data, no front facing camera, lack of apps, etc.).

Yesterday, Motorola announced an update to the bargain-basement priced Moto G Google Edition phone (was $199, now $219 with 4G upgrade and MicroSDHC); as well as an even more economical model called Moto E at $129.

This is absolutely amazing news to consumers.  At the time of writing, Google Play Station has 6 unlocked, Google Play Edition devices.  Offering from LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony.  The prices are being lowered left and right.  Consumers have so many choices today without having the need to be tied to a contract.  And with T-Mobile leading the way in more affordable pre-paid or pay as you go plans.  We are really at an intersection of Technology and Affordability.  

Current Prices for Google Play Edition Phones (unlocked):
Google LG Nexus 5 - $349-$399
Sony Z Ultra - $449 (was $649)
HTC One M7 2013 - $499 (was $599)
Moto G - $179-$199 (New version coming soon at $219 with upgrades)
Samsung S4 - $649
HTC One M8 2014 - $699
Coming Soon Moto E - $129

This makes me happy because I genuinely believe Smartphones are empowering.  From information sharing, utility, traveling and productivity standpoint, it is changing the way we live our lives.  By having these affordable options available, I am glad to know the public have more options than ever before.

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