October 17, 2014

Big Phones, Silly Technology!

I haven’t been very active lately on this blog, especially by way of opinion pieces.  But after the recent iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 announcements, I felt like the smartphone space has taken a drastic turn, enough to write or complain about it. So here we go.

How’d we get here
The physical size increase of smartphones are obvious; if I were to blame or credit the one company that started it all then it would be Samsung when it launched the “Galaxy Note” smartphone.  Right around that time, a slew of smartphones hits the scene with screen sizes larger than 4” (LG Optimus, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Google Nexus Galaxy-4-5, LG G2, Samsung S4, S5, Moto X, Droid Razr just to name a few).

This Sh!t just got real
As mentioned earlier, the real shocker for me is when the two iconic giants Apple and Google both released their flagship phones with larger than life screen size without having any other choice for smaller options.  (I know iPhone 5s and Nexus 5 might stick around for a bit, but by definition, they are no longer flagship phones, see related post from Engadget). This, for me, is marking for the end of an era… going forward, if you want flagship devices, you better carry a purse, messenger bag or at-least wear cargo pants so you can carry the phone with you.

When Technology gets Silly
The irony here is that I’ve always believed technology is suppose to enhance our life.  Thinner/lighter laptops, flat screen TVs, cars with more power and mpg, etc.  While Smartphones have drastically improved our lifestyle, but going beyond 4” seems like we’ve peaked out and the larger sizes now start to create a problem.  Aside from not fitting in our pockets comfortably thus starting new etiquette discussion such as this one, the physics of leverage can easily stir up more potential for the “bending” iPhone 6+ if you did manage to squeeze these larger phones to your back pocket.

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