January 17, 2015

How to setup a Brother Multifunction Wireless Printer/Scanner (MFC-L2700DW)

I don't usually do "tech support" articles.  But having recently upgrade to a new printer with one of the most confusing support documents and mis-informed description from manufacturer's website.  I figured I would do an article (and hopefully it gets indexed on Google) to help out the general public.

What Printer Did I get?  Brother MFC-L2700DW

Why did I choose this model? Because it met my criteria, see below:

Criteria 1:  Must be a laser printer, I am tired of ink jets drying on me when I need to use it at home.
Criteria 2:  Must have a scanner WITH a document feeder (so I can scan a pile of paper at once)
Criteria 3:  Must have Wireless (and Wired) Networking, the placement of my printer requires WiFi
Criteria 4:  Must be a dark colored printer (I hate white printers turning yellow over time)
Criteria 5:  Must be in the $100 range (this one is actually $129 at time of writing, reg. $180)
Criteria 6:  Must be not too big: its for home, so I don't want a ginormous tower in my room
Criteria 7:  Have the ability to scan or print from the cloud (Google Drive, DropBox, EverNote, etc.) ***This is where things got hazy.  According to Brother's website, this printer was listed under one of the ones that support their cloud service dubbed as Brother Web Connect.  (See picture evidence below taken at time of writing).  This is also the reason why I decided to write this post to help you setup your Brother and not get frustrated.  Earlier this morning, I finally heard back from Brother's tech support via email that they admit it was mistakenly labeled and this printer doesn't support Web Connect (I think only the fancier models with color LCDs have built in firmware to access Web Connect).

Lets get started, this will be the easiest setup guide to follow, 3 steps and you will be on your way to true bliss (and not having to spend 6 hours figuring it out):

1. Get printer on your network (Do this from the printer):
a. Wired (it should be a breezy, plug in the RJ45 cable from router)
b. Wireless WiFi (From printer menu go to: Menu>>6.Network>>2.WLAN>>3.SETUP WIZARD>>SSID>>WEP/WAP KEY)

2. PC or Mac Users:   You can download the Brother Driver and Software so you can connect your computer to printer.  Again two options:
a. You can get the driver only package for basic function or...
b. You can get the driver + software support so you can do fancier stuff...
I think driver package is enough... because the gravy is actually in the 3rd Step...  
3. If you have an Android or iOS device:  Please do your self a favor and download the Brother iPrint & Scan app (assuming the model of your Brother printer supports this feature).
In short, this app basically turns your phone or tablet into the missing "color LCD" or the Web Connect Software from this printer.  Its surprisingly easy to use and you can basically use it to operate the printer to Scan or Print to and from the popular cloud storage services.  The app itself can be linked to the various cloud services so you can print from the cloud, etc..  Just make sure both the printer and your device is on the SAME SSID or network.
4. Final Tip:  From any device (laptop, tablet, or phone), as long as you are on the same network, you can configure the printer's setting via a browser; just have to find out what internal IP address your router has assigned it to be, ie.  Once in, it gives a word of options to configure.

I am very pleased with this printer once I figured the last two tips.  I just wished the manufacturer's quick installation guide would have been written clearer to save me a few hours.  Well, here it is folks, I am transferring my hours of research for you.  Enjoy!

Brother Web Connect Solution for MFC-L2000DW Laser Printer

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