January 17, 2015

Nexus 6 Battery Life (and Optimization)

So, each time I upgrade to the new Nexus devices, I always offer some tips to optimize battery life.  Historically, Google always choose to run lean on the battery size; but for Nexus 6, they beefed it up to 3,220mAh which is big but IMHO should have been even larger.  That said, the tips I am about to give might not be necessary, but in my usage test, I was surprised a single charge lasted two days of use for me (well, almost two days).  At the time of writing, my phone has been off a charger since Friday morning around 7AM.  It is Saturaday evening at 9PM (approx. 38 hrs later) and I still have 27% of battery life left... pretty cool!

So for what its worth, here is how I am optimizing for battery life:

1. Brightness Level:  Approximately 10% of the brightness
2. Adaptive Brightness: OFF
3. Ambient Display:  OFF
4. Sleep after 30 Seconds of Inactivity
5. Bluetooth Off
6. NFC Off
7. Preferred Network:  3G  (HSPA+)
8. Turn WiFi on at home and at work

Note that, if I need these features, I will turn them on or turn them up as needed.  I have noticed that battery life is impacted big time depending on the way the OS is setup, so I hope future updates doesn't mess things up for the NEXUS 6.

(screenshot of my phone after almost 2 days of usage on a single charge!!!)

(Log of Battery Life from 2 day usage, figure slowly improved to about 50%!!!)

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