May 11, 2015

Is there a need for Apple Watch?

The question extends beyond Apple Watch; I've raised this question against all smart watches for the past couple of years.  The novelty of having a watch that can provide relevant information with a flick of a wrist is interesting.  In an information driven age, those who can get the latest information fastest will often get the advantage.  But is the smart watch providing the information fast enough (or convenient enough?)

While I still can't answer that just yet, I am most certain that at its infancy, its certainly is not easy enough.

1. Smart Watches are Phone Dependent (at least to make it useful):  Until I can walk out of my house with a smart watch only and still make/receive calls, send/receive emails and texts and take a picture without tethering to a smartphone, this is just another device for me to carry along.

2. Smart Watches require charging daily (or maybe even twice daily);  Under light usage, you might be able to get away with charging it over night and use it until the evening; if you play with it more often, you will likely need to take it off to recharge during the day and there lies the irony as you would be without your smart watch during some part of your day removing any incentive you've attributed to having this watch.

I can't live without a smartphone; I use it to call, email, text, work, fetch data/files and entertain.  Oh, and I also use it as a watch as well as an alarm.  Since I have to carry this with me at all times, I can't seem to justify the need of an Apple Watch.

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