July 1, 2015

Solar Impulse Flight is Halfway around the world

As I type up the draft to this entry, the Solar Impulse (Airplane that is 100% clean energy using the Sun to charge it’s battery) has made more than half way around the globe.  It is currently traveling on its eighth leg from Japan to Hawaii.  What makes it really cool is the amazing website it has setup for the world to follow along the journey with the pilots who have already been traveling for more than 114 days at time of writing.

The website provides live video stream and full on cockpit information so folks (nerds) like myself can be part of the action.  You can see the flight at night which relies 100% on the battery which at the time of writing is just a tad over 50% charge and it predicts the power to drop down to 41% in 1 hour… that’s craziness; few hours later the charge is up to 99% with the Sun fully out.  Think about all the science and calculation behind this project to ensure it has enough battery capacity to flight throughout the darkness or cloudy day. 

This project is really cool, it really is the pinnacle of human technology (energy, mobility, communications, technology).

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