August 13, 2015

Smartphones in Cuba

I just watched a news segment on CNBC titled "Smartphone for Offline Use" which talks about the current state of affairs for Cubans and smartphone usage.  Report states that they are buying slightly older smartphones like the Galaxy S4 for $360; due to the lack of wireless internet coverage and it comes with:

  • Pre-loaded World Wide Map
  • Pre-loded Wikipedia Content
  • (I am guessing its off contract) 

My conclusion:  Cubans are actually ahead of us in terms of practical smartphone experience!

While I understand having reliable 3G/4G connection is a privilege, I can't tell you how much I resent the movement from Google or Apple to force us to be depend on said internet connection.  If you have ever caught yourself in a position where your phone is rendered useless because there is no connection (ie. rural, woods, camp sites, airplane), you'll know what I mean!

Smartphones should be able to operate without internet connection; otherwise its just a dumb phone.

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